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Infographic: 6 traits of an innovative CIO

Business leaders expect CIOs to lead technology-driven innovation in the enterprise, but as we discussed in last week’s blog, many are still caught up in the daily grind of running an IT department....

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Line of business purchasing power moves out of the shadows

Oliver Descoeudres, Marketing Director Logicalis Australia, looks at the implications for CIOs and IT departments of new research findings – which suggest shadow IT is now very much in the mainstream...

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Tags CIO, Digital Transformation, IT Department, business executives, line of business, Line of Business Managers, Shadow IT, technology solutions

CIOs Speak Up: Service Defined Enterprise is the Future of IT

The world of the Chief Information Officer is in flux. Some would argue it has ever been thus! Organisations are being urged to embrace the digitisation of the enterprise by way of social media,...

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Tags CIO Leadership, CIO summit, CIOs, service defined enterprise, service led transformation, Line of Business Managers, SDE, Shadow IT


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