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Four IT investments to make to achieve enterprise future-readiness

In today’s economy, an organisation’s success is increasingly determined by its ability to innovate and adapt to outside disruptions. For this to be possible, the right IT infrastructure and...

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8 characteristics of the digitally-enabled enterprise

As we move from a technology focused to a service defined world, digital transformation is becoming a top priority for business leaders. The power of what technology can really do is being seen and...

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Tags digital data, Innovation, Digital Transformation, customer centric, IT function, service defined enterprise, technology, business executives

7 reasons CIOs should embrace an Internal Service Provider model

Late last year, we released the results of our third annual Global CIO Survey, which found that IT leaders are under growing pressure from Shadow IT. Propelled by this threat, many CIOs are reshaping...

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Tags CIO, Digital Transformation, CIOs, IT Department, outsourcing, service defined enterprise, line of business, Shadow IT

The new IT organisational model: how CIOs need to restructure their teams

In a previous blog we discussed the CIO’s need to change for a service defined world, where the power of technology decision-making is shifting away from IT and into the hands of end users. Today’s...

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