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SDN: Fad or Transformational?

In a recent article (SDN. A fad, like 3D-TV? Only in technology defined enterprises), Logicalis Group’s CTO Chris Gabriel shared his thoughts on the long-standing doubts about SDN held by the IT...

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Tags Digital Transformation, SDN, SDx, service centric, service led transformation, software defined networking, software defined anything, technology centric

The Four Top Factors Reshaping the CIOs Role

Late last year, research firm Harvey Nash approached 2029 CIOs from all over the world to identify current issues impacting their role. This 2013 CIO Survey report outlines four major factors...

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Tags CIO Leadership

Understanding CAPEX vs OPEX for technology spending

Every CIO has had to face the CFO at one time or another in relation to a technology procurement decision. CFOs in particular seem to think that “IT always shows up, spouts unintelligible jargon and...

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Tags Digital Transformation, CAPEX, Cisco Capital, cloud computing, cloud economics, leasing, OPEX, technology leasing

Mind the Gap - When it comes to IPv6

The supply of IPv4 addresses has become depleted as more devices connect to the Internet. The need for more IP addresses has increased and is driving the transition to IPv6. Despite several attempts...

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Tags Digital Transformation, IPv6, IPv6 readiness, IPv4, networking

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