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Uncovering the Whys and Hows of Private Cloud

Cloud computing has taken the IT industry by storm. With continued growth in data, we are seeing a growing trend of IT departments moving to the cloud. However, KPMG notes that for the most part,...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud, Data Centre, Private Cloud, Storage

3 Key Steps To A Successful Cloud Migration

We’ve spent the last few blogs discussing the strategic and cost benefits of cloud. But what happens when you decide to make the move? Migrating to the cloud is no simple feat. For most businesses,...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud, data sovereignty, Storage, IaaS

How To Capitalise On "The New Normal"

Since the GFC and the subsequent economic slowdown, the economic and technology landscape has fundamentally changed. As with all major economic shifts it’s highly unlikely we will return to the way...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud, core versus context, differentiation, The New Normal

Five Steps to Developing an Effective BYOD Strategy

Consider these startling facts:

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Tags Innovation, BYOD, BYOD business case, BYOD user support model, Martin Lindeman, mobility policy, Steps to BYOD, BYOD strategy, Cisco BYOD, mobility strategy, workforce segmentation

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