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The New CV of the CIO

Five years ago, who would have thought that a CIO would need to know how to use Facebook and Twitter in the future? Well, that’s exactly what’s happening right now. Social media and...

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Be relevant or be sidelined - The CIO’s struggle

Through a recent survey, Logicalis uncovered that 53% of CIOs and IT Directors spend 70% or more of their time on day-to-day management of technology. It is also found that 80% of them spend at least...

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Tags CIO Leadership, Cloud, cloud service broker, IT consumerisation

CIOs: Done and dusted or just getting started?

The role of the CIO will cease to exist, according to some IT experts and thought leaders over the past few years. The world of IT has been taken over by cloud computing, that leads some to believe...

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Tags CIO Leadership, cloud service broker, CIO role, cloud consumerisation


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