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8 characteristics of the digitally-enabled enterprise

As we move from a technology focused to a service defined world, digital transformation is becoming a top priority for business leaders. The power of what technology can really do is being seen and...

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A look at Uber and Netflix: disruptive innovation explained

So much attention has been paid to the term “disruptive innovation” in recent years that its true meaning appears to have been lost. The term is frequently used to describe any situation whereby an...

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Tags Innovation, disruption, disruptive innovation, technology, business executives

The 4 Types of Innovation: A Business Leader's Guide

Much of the discourse surrounding innovation today refers to the disruptive kind, but rarely is innovation truly disruptive. In fact, innovation falls into four distinct categories – routine,...

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Tags business success, Innovation, disruption, disruptive innovation, Google, technology, strategy

Infographic: 6 traits of an innovative CIO

Business leaders expect CIOs to lead technology-driven innovation in the enterprise, but as we discussed in last week’s blog, many are still caught up in the daily grind of running an IT department....

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