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Planning a return to the office? Here are the three things you need to consider

With business leaders drawing a line under plans for the year that was 2020, many are turning their attention to contemplating what a COVID ‘normal’ life at work will look like in 2021.


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How to unlock insights on your journey to cloud

In this digital era, the ability of organisations to successfully transform and remain competitive depends on people, process and technology, all working together, seamlessly. By now though, most...

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Cloud is a tool of transformation, how can IT leaders think bigger in how they use it?

When the corporate world was posed the question in a LinkedIn meme; Who drove your digital transformation efforts, COVID-19 or your CIO? Most will admit, COVID-19 provided the much-needed motivation...

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The Art of Data Protection to Avoid a Breach

Over the last few years, everyone working in IT has been involved in, or knows someone who has been hit with some form of malicious ransomware. 

Public cases this year include but are not limited to:

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