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How to deliver improved patient experiences with digital solutions

The Australian healthcare landscape is under pressure as costs and patient expectations continue to increase and regulatory standards become more complex. With the added complication of COVID-19,...

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Legacy network systems are killing your IT vibe. Legacy systems prevent organisations from achieving scale and agility and moving into the future.

Over the past year, organisations across the globe have rapidly embraced new technologies and ways of working to ensure business continuity in the face of adversity. Widespread adoption of remote...

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Steps to developing telehealth solutions that drive better experiences

Telehealth offers significant benefits for patients by removing the need to travel to see a physician in person. This has been profoundly beneficial during the pandemic and will continue to deliver...

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Practical strategies for value-based healthcare

Australia’s healthcare industry is facing a challenging and changing landscape. Our ageing population is putting increased pressure on healthcare providers in terms of palliative and end-of-life...

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