Flexible Extra Resources for the Changing World of Work

The world of work is gaining greater flexibility and the shift – brought on by amazing advances in technology over the past few years – is forcing 21st century businesses to adapt to survive.

Employees, particularly in ICT-related industries, are changing their attitudes to the 9-to-5-work week and are developing different social expectations. How and when people expect to work is vastly different now to what it was less than two decades ago. In this emerging new world of employment – fueled by the technology 'generation gap' between 'digital natives' and older executives – managers are becoming viewed as peers, or even working to the instructions of fellow employees, so the idea of being 'beholden to the boss' is fading.

New professions and disciplines

In the IT world new professions and disciplines have emerged, such as project management, which is now taken for granted but was not much known outside the building industry in the 1990s. Other new professional models include change management, business analyst, Chief Security Officer and perhaps, in the not too distant future, Chief Digital Officer.

Bosses now need to climb off their pedestals and work hard to deliver to their team, becoming part of the team and leading by example, rather than ruling with an iron fist. It's an exciting but challenging time. The generation gap is widening.

The speed of this breaking wave of social change means that success now hinges on the ability of companies to adapt to social and technological transformation; on their ability to be flexible to market demands. The emergence of this historic evolution of the work environment is having its impact on the managed services models provided by outsourcing and managed services companies like Logicalis Australia.

Breadth of knowledge and expertise

To better deal with revised business expectations and the changing work environment, Logicalis has developed a specialised services delivery model called Logicalis People (Flexible Resources). This is an extension of the service offerings already being provided by Logicalis; a different outsourcing approach which extends the technical, project management or other service offerings already being provided by Logicalis, as part of it’s core business.

Logicalis People goes beyond what is offered by traditional recruitment companies in that expert consultants are supplied, complete with supporting services. They can draw from facilities such as the Logicalis Lab plus the collective expertise of the Logicalis professional services team. They function as an additional expert unit and do not, in any way, compete with, or replace, an organisation's existing workforce.

For short or long-term projects

Logicalis clients can adopt Logicalis People to deal with short-term, ad hoc projects, to augment large project teams, or to assist with short and long term consulting exercises. It's like a 'plug and play' co-sourcing approach, designed to help enterprises to be innovative and to work smarter. And, it turns fixed staff costs into variable ones.

This new package is a total resource supply division of Logicalis that applies the concept of utility computing to the supply of skilled people. It is a strategic resourcing solution that removes the need for the expensive liabilities, training costs and other overheads that come with recruiting new permanent employees.

Logicalis People is designed to help companies keep expensive permanent headcount under control and to maximise productivity. Logicalis can leverage it’s existing relationships and partner eco-system to provide resourcing strategies that combine project, T&M (test and measurement) and Logicalis People resources to provide the best possible services fit for an IT Manager's business and technical requirements.

A smooth partnership

Through its global experience, accumulated knowledge and trusted expertise, Logicalis has developed a network of resource solutions – now strengthened by Logicalis People – that enhance the discussion with clients around their specific resource pain points. This means a smoother partnership to develop the key business strategies to best suit the client's needs.

Companies seeking to increase their flexibility, to increase productivity and to better cope with today's increasingly dynamic business world, should investigate Logicalis People as a very practical strategy for greater success. To find out more, go to our Flexible Resourcing page.


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