Unlocking the best features in Microsoft Teams and Power Platform for cohesive communications in a crisis

In the wake of COVID-19, companies are being challenged to provide and accommodate remote working solutions for their staff with rapid pace and demand. Thomas Duryea Logicalis has the ability to enable your team to work from anywhere and to ensure that they are doing so in a governed and secure manner. So, how can TDL help your company during the current crisis?

We can enable customers to unlock the full potential of the Office 365 suite with the following Power Platform and Microsoft Teams applications:

  • Crisis Communication application (Power Platform)
  • Company communicator template (MS Teams)
  • AI Bots for user support (MS Teams)
  • Custom solution development


Crisis Communication Application:

The Crisis Communication app provides a user-friendly experience to connect end users with information during a crisis. It provides to the ability for staff to:

  • Share their status if they are working from home or out of office
  • Notify their team members of their status
  • Setup email autoreply
  • Get updates on internal company and world news
  • Access a frequently asked questions list
  • View important information like links and emergency contacts.

The Crisis Communication app also integrates with Power BI providing a report around the status of your staff.

To request a personalised online demo of the Crisis Communication App for your organisation please click here.


MS Teams – Company Communicator:

With the unprecedented increase in the usage of Microsoft Teams, companies need a way of ensuring that communication to “all staff” across Teams reaches the individual and doesn’t get lost in numerous Teams and channels the user is a member of.  

This is where the Company Communicator comes in to play it provides two main functions:

  • Allows a group of approved users to collaborate and discuss before sending out a message.
  • Can target Teams, 1:1 chat to members of a Team or All Users of the application.

To speak to someone to see how communicator can help solve your communications challenges click here.


AI Bots:

TDL has a range of AI Bot solutions, which can be a quick and easy way for access to frequently asked questions (FAQs), Knowledge base articles (KBA’s), crisis and general information. Bots can also be customised to perform tasks in certain situations that not only integrate with Microsoft Teams but can be extended across the entire Office 365 suite from SharePoint to Yammer.

To read about how TDL enabled DHHS to create an AI bot to reduce service desk calls, click here.


Custom Solutions:

Are you currently faced with a specific issue or roadblock whereby you need an application developed? TDL can develop a custom solution that fits your needs with rapid speed to market, seeing a profitable return on investment using the Microsoft Power Platform. To talk to someone about a custom solution or anything else we can help with during this time – contact us today.



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