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Toby Alcock

Toby Alcock is the Chief Technology Officer for Thomas Duryea Logicalis. Toby has over 20 years’ experience in the technology industry. Toby Alcock is obsessed about customer problems and how technology can help to build a solid foundation for your business’ digital transformation. Toby believes that increasing profitability and productivity of the business only makes sense when you understand your customer’s customers problems and the stakeholders that they serve. Only when you understand these issues can you integrate people, processes, systems and technology to make a sustainable and cost-effective impact

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The importance of advancing innovation for security

The initial pivot towards remote working, as the world underwent its most recent digital transformation due to the pandemic, took an average of 11 days according to a survey from McKinsey. In...

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Will digital transformation help you compete in the digital economy?

Digital transformation is more than just the adoption of technologies to improve products and processes. It is a journey with the ultimate goal of digitising legacy or analogue functions to reap the...

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How to unlock insights on your journey to cloud

In this digital era, the ability of organisations to successfully transform and remain competitive depends on people, process and technology, all working together, seamlessly. By nowthough, most...

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Cloud is a tool of transformation, how can IT leaders think bigger in how they use it?

When the corporate world was posed the question in a LinkedIn meme; Who drove your digital transformation efforts, COVID-19 or your CIO? Most will admit, COVID-19 provided the much-needed motivation...

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