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How to prepare your organisation for a service defined world

In our third annual Global CIO Survey (take part here), Logicalis is examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT. The consumerisation of IT has meant that technology previously...

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Moving from keeping the lights on to innovation: insights from the CIO Summit

Too many organisations today are weighed down by the need to maintain old infrastructure. With much of the IT budget dedicated to legacy systems, CIOs are forced to pass on opportunities to innovate...

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From dictatorship to democracy: the IT department's transformation

In the past, enterprise IT operated as a dictatorship. The CIO, as the resident IT expert, acted as the gatekeeper of technology procurement. IT was a ‘dark art’ that few understood, and users got...

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How does your IT Department have to change to become part of a Service-Defined Enterprise?

To become a Service Defined Enterprise (SDE) and to enjoy all the competitive benefits that this brings, the IT department needs to adapt and work to the new SDE agenda. Any enterprise evolution...

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