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The four phases of cloud migration

Many factors affect the success of a migration project, such as the availability of skilled IT staff, an understanding of the source and target database architectures, and realistic project planning....

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Tags Innovation, Cloud, cloud migration, cloud infrastructure, cloud strategy, IaaS

The Evolution of Outsourcing Towards Business Outcomes

It should be no surprise that, with most IT systems, approaches and models now undergoing fundamental change, the structure of outsourcing is also rapidly evolving.

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Tags Innovation, Cloud, analytics, Data Centre, external service providers, outsourcing, PaaS, SaaS, IaaS, KPMG, Logicalis, service providers, Shared Services

How to overcome traditional data centre complexity

Time and time again, IT is challenged to provide critical services for organisations. These services include effective disaster recovery, data back up, restoration and operational management...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud, Data Centre, IaaS, Infrastructure

3 Key Steps To A Successful Cloud Migration

We’ve spent the last few blogs discussing the strategic and cost benefits of cloud. But what happens when you decide to make the move? Migrating to the cloud is no simple feat. For most businesses,...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Cloud, data sovereignty, Storage, IaaS


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