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How to prevent a data breach: lessons from the Target hack

In December 2013, Target became a target itself as the victim of the biggest retail hack in US history. Attackers planted point-of-sale malware and intercepted approximately 110 million records worth...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Security, data security, IT security

Why CIOs need to embrace shadow IT

Back in 2011, industry experts warned of an increase in unauthorised IT systems within organisations as IT departments failed to keep pace with employees’ technology demands and the consumerisation...

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Tags CIO, Digital Transformation, Security, data security, IT Department, IT security, Shadow IT

4 reasons your organisation needs a business-centric security model

Cloud computing, despite drastically reducing IT complexity, is adding complexity to the security model. Modern networks have transcended traditional walls and organisations have essentially become...

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Tags CIO, digital strategy, Digital Transformation, Security, IT security, internet of things, IoT, SMAC

Why a modern data centre strategy is needed for the digital world

As a new digital world emerges from the impact of the SMAC technology stack (social media, mobility, analytics and cloud), the personality, structure and role of data centres will need to change or...

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