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The Emerging IoT Threat to Information Security

CIOs are facing a huge impact from the 'Internet of Things' (IoT) on their digital and information security.

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Tags Digital Transformation, Security, data security, internet of things, IoT, Logicalis, networking

The Overlooked Deep Impact of Mobile App Data

Just when CIOs and business executives were coming to terms with the concept of Big Data and Smart analytics, another important data source, currently mostly being overlooked, has been highlighted.

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Tags big data, big data analytics, Digital Transformation, Cloud, analytics, apps, data security, Gartner, IDC, information infrastructure, IoT, mobile apps, wearables

File-sharing: the Evolution, the Risks and the Solution

Few things illustrate better how technology is changing our world than the way documents are managed. Gone are the days when our desks were covered in documents with yellow Post-Its stuck to them;...

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Tags Digital Transformation, data security, data sovereignty, DropBox, file-sharing, secure data access, secure file sharing, unsecure file-sharing applications

Are you compliant with the new Australian Privacy Principles?

The new Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) launched on 12th March 2014, represent a substantial overhaul of the existing framework and organisations should urgently review their current privacy...

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Tags Digital Transformation, Security, data security, data sovereignty, Privacy

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