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The IT talent crisis: how the CIO’s approach to hiring needs to change in the digital era

The shift to a digital economy is creating a talent crisis that is putting the future of many organisations in jeopardy. Competition for a finite pool of skilled technologists is increasing as...

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The new IT organisational model: how CIOs need to restructure their teams

In a previous blog we discussed the CIO’s need to change for a service defined world, where the power of technology decision-making is shifting away from IT and into the hands of end users. Today’s...

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From functional to future-state: the evolving CV of the CIO

The shift to the service defined enterprise is demanding CIOs change their role, the way they plan and the structure of their team. Whilst it can be complex and challenging to pull off, the change in...

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Tags CIO, CIO Leadership, CIO summit, CIOs, role of CIO, service defined enterprise, CIO role

How to prepare your organisation for a service defined world

In our third annual Global CIO Survey (take part here), Logicalis is examining the shift from technology-focused to services-led IT. The consumerisation of IT has meant that technology previously...

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