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Run VMware on Azure? Yep, you read it right!

Having the ability to run VMware virtual machines on Microsoft Azure brings many cloud benefits to the mainstream, while being overlooked by cloud-native purists. It’s a question of perspective and,...

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Cloud is a tool of transformation, how can IT leaders think bigger in how they use it?

When the corporate world was posed the question in a LinkedIn meme; Who drove your digital transformation efforts, COVID-19 or your CIO? Most will admit, COVID-19 provided the much-needed motivation...

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How to get Complete Visibility of your Cloud Costs in Azure

How to get Complete Visibility of your Cloud Costs in Azure

One of the key reasons organisations are moving to public cloud is to take advantage of the flexible payment model. Your upfront fees are...

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Azure Blog Series – Part 4


Welcome to the final article in the series of the Azure Governance blog posts. In this edition we will cover off compliance and the tools you can use to ensure your organisation's...

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Tags Digital Transformation, cloud migration, cloud services, The Cloud, Azure, Microsoft, Public Cloud, Governance

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