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The Top 5 drivers of demand for flexible working

Flexible working is hardly a new concept and there have been robust discussions and several Government initiatives around the idea of flexible working for quite a few decades.

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“Keep taking the tablets,” says latest Forrester research

A new global survey from Forrester Research has found that three-quarters of a billion tablets will be in use by 2016, with about one-third of tablets acquired by businesses for employees. This means...

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How "flexi-working" can create a sustained competitive advantage

You’re up at 6am for your 10km run and you’re back at home just before 7am. Shower, eggs on toast and there’s still plenty of time to check email before your 8am video call from China. By 9am you’re...

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The 7 essential leadership skills CIOs must have to get results

In the book The CIO Edge: Seven Leadership Skills You Need to Drive Results, three years of data driven research concludes that the most successful CIOs, whilst undeniable smart people, rely on...

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