Is your organisation ready for the hybrid workforce?

With employees reporting higher satisfaction levels and work-life balance, despite the challenges of 2020, it looks like remote work, in some form, is here to stay. A recent Gartner survey revealed that more than 80% of company leaders plan to allow remote work at least part-time, even once it becomes safe to return to the office.

In 2021 we will see increased pressure for organisations to provide the hybrid workspaces that cater to a quality employee experience, whether people choose to work from the office full-time, part-time or a mixture of the two.

Those who do not deliver the ‘hybrid’ experience well, risk being left behind in the war for top talent, as well as risking productivity gains compared to their competitors.

As experts in change management and modern/hybrid workspace enablers, Logicalis define hybrid workspace as; the “empowerment of employees with all the appropriate support, equipment, policies, procedures and knowledge to be efficient and effective, no matter the location.”

To help bring this to life for our customers, we are offering a free half-day workshop. In the workshop, we will examine the areas touched on in our checklist below. 


Workplace practices

Have you defined policies, procedures and protocols for working from home and working from the office?

For example, if you are scheduling a meeting or workshop in the office, is it ok for some people to dial in remotely or are their certain instances where face to face is mandatory? Do you want employees to nominate in advance which days they would like to work from home?


Productivity and collaboration

Are your systems easily accessible now that people are working from both home and the office, and are we enabling them with the tools to collaborate effectively?

Do you have a seamless platform for employees to connect and collaborate via chat, meetings, calling, and can they collaborate on documents and data both with internal and external parties?


Connectivity and security

How secure and consistent is the network connection from home? Can your staff connect from home or the office with a similar experience, and are they equally secured from any location?

Poor quality of service can be due to a range of factors from internet provider to WIFI issues. How much influence does your organisation want to have over the quality of remote worker connectivity given the productivity issues it can cause?


Staff engagement and user experience

How well can you monitor and report on staff wellbeing, engagement and enablement?

With 80% of communication being non-verbal, how do you plan to check in with staff on their experiences and ensure they are raising any issues before they bubble over to frustration.


To understand where you sit on the maturity level across the critical areas identified above, and we will work with you to provide next steps and guidance on how to close the gaps and reduce organisational risk.


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