How we overcame COVID complexities to deliver a great customer outcome

A long-term customer of Logicalis had a project ready to test, pilot and deploy to hundreds of venues Australia wide. The project, which had taken 9 months through “Proof of Concept” and reach an agreed Scope of Works, was all set to commence when COVID-19 entered our world, resulting in dramatic consequences.

For our customer, the restrictions enforced by the Australian Government, meant closures of all their venues, resulting in revenues ceasing immediately, impacting our customer overnight. 

For both Logicalis and the customer, staff wellbeing and safety was of paramount importance and so when isolation measures came into effect, both organisations moved to an offsite working model, thus making it very difficult to test and deploy the solution.

With so much invested in the project on both sides and a long-term valued partnership cultivated over many years, Logicalis were determined not to let any obstacles overcome our customers vision.  There were however many factors to work through to ensure success, including our ability to think swiftly and creatively.

 Challenge Number 1 - Navigating lockdown impact 

Logicalis had to work with the customer to navigate the lockdown impact on our respective organisations and ensuring staff welfare was of paramount concern and importance.

 Challenge Number 2 – Working with customers new budget constraints 

Logicalis needed to work with our customers new budget and timings around when funds could be released. We agreed to move from a fixed term engagement model, to a time and materials model. We then had to ensure our own project team and resources were made available to match the customers staging process commencement date.

 Challenge Number 3 – Testing the solution remotely 

The most interesting challenge to overcome was testing the solution before go-live. Without the ability to work from our customers lab environment, our Engineer replicated the environment in his own home;

With the achievement of a successful outcome being our sole priority, Logicalis rose to the challenge ensuring no problem was too difficult to overcome.

All of this resulted in Logicalis being able to maintain the status quo of the intended rollout, while adhering to the social distancing and lockdown rules and most importantly delivering a successfully tested project to a very happy customer.