Top 10 back-up headaches for organisations

One of the biggest challenges for organisations both large and small across the Australian commercial landscape is how to make IT infrastructure lean and efficient; an infrastructure that is aerodynamic, creating minimum “drag” on an organisation.

Many organisations’ backup solutions are one of the least aerodynamic components of its IT infrastructure, often relying on creaking legacy systems.

Here are the top ten back-up headaches identified in a recent study by the Enterprise Strategy Group:

  1. Shrinking back-up and recovery windows. Backups are taking longer with greater demands on application availability
  2. Data Protection gaps. Frequency of backups is not sufficient
  3. Legacy technology. More data and more frequent backups mean organisations are faced with the shortcomings of traditional tape-based backup and recovery solutions, particularly long recovery times, questionable reliability, and the potential for error associated with manual tape handling processes.
  4. Budget constraints. The need to reduce capital expenditure and complexity in backup environments
  5. SLA compliance. The inability to provide adequate backup/restore levels to meet business requirements
  6. Remote offices. The inability to backup remote office servers including laptops/desktops effectively
  7. Long term retention. Media and offsite tape handling challenges and costs
  8. Administration. Constant up-skilling and administration effort required to manage backup environments effectively
  9. Redundancy. Lack of offsite protection of their primary backup data
  10. Compliance. Data Management compliance and reporting.


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