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Breaking down silos to achieve digital transformation: key takeaways from the CIO Summit

It’s an exciting time in IT – both technologically with the exponential growth of digital, and culturally with the way IT organisation is changing to become more innovative. The annual IDC CIO Summit...

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The IT talent crisis: how the CIO’s approach to hiring needs to change in the digital era

The shift to a digital economy is creating a talent crisis that is putting the future of many organisations in jeopardy. Competition for a finite pool of skilled technologists is increasing as...

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Tags CIO, Digital Transformation, CIO Leadership, CIO summit, IT leaders, IT talent, IT skills

Five risks that threaten the success of IT transformation projects

An IT transformation project is carried out to enhance the technical and business environment to an agreed level, and this type of IT-enabled organisation change comes in many forms. While some...

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Tags CIO, digital technologies, Digital Transformation, CIO Leadership, IT infrastructure, IT leaders, IT leadership, IT project, Global CIO Survey, IT transformation, Project Management

Lessons from the Industrial Revolution: Four principles of big data ethics

The industrial revolution saw a transition from manual to mechanical manufacturing processes. In what was a major turning point in history, almost every aspect of daily life was influenced in some...

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